What are Tracks?

Note-Accounting Day uses the breakout session format. What this means is that you have a choice each hour of four or more sessions to attend. You may go to a Track session in one time slot and a different track in the next hour. What this also means is that you are not signing up for a track, you are signing up for Accounting Day and have total flexibilty of what sessions you desire to attend.

Each Track gives you an indication of the nature of the materials to be presented in the individual sessions.

Track A - indicates the material is Accounting and Auditing (A & A) in nature. For CPAs, it mirrors the A & A track for their licensing requirements. A section noted as Track A is designed to meet this requirement. Track A sessions are not limited to CPAs. All accountants may gain knowledge by attending. Check the topic's outline for specifics about the topic.

Track T - indicates the topic is Technical in nature, typically other accounting and tax related topics.

Track P - indicates professional development and is non-technical in nature. If you are subject to specific CPE requirements for your company, professional organization or licensing requirements, you may need to review those requirements to ensure a Track P session qualifies.

Track Tech - This track is tecnology only. Our goal is to present new and refreshing technology and how it helps you with your work and personal lives.

Track F – The Fraud topics are designed to be of interest to internal auditors, CPAs, certified fraud examiners and those in companies who desired the additional knowledge.  The material for the four hour session is designed to meet the Fraud CPE requirements for California CPAs (see below). Some Track F sessions are also designed to be used as A&A hours.

New fraud requirement for CPAs. Beginning in 2014, the State Board of Accountancy has new rules for Fraud hours. Section 87 states: " ....the licensee shall also complete an additional four (4) hours (no longer eight hours) of continuing education specifically related to the prevention, detection, and/or reporting of fraud affecting financial statements. The four hour session is designed to meet this requirement.

CFO Track - designed for CFOs and other higher level accounting and finance professionals. While the topics are deigned for a higher level any Accounting Day attendee can attend.

Note the column headings on the registration page use these Track references: Generally, each column indicates what tracks are in that column. Sometimes a track may contain at topic from another track. If this occures that topic title will contain the actual track designation.

Each time slot with its related topic will indicate what Track the topic is designed for.