Online Registration 2018

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Early, registration fee for 2018 is $199 until April 27th, then full price registration is $219.
Full time students $65. 

Register while the system is still set for April 27th to obtain early bird pricing. When paying later, the price remaines $199.

Call for special pricing on small groups (3-10). Groups of 10 or more are explained below.

Many of our attendees are registered by someone else in the office. The registration process acknowledges that.

See below for group registrations and/or pricing and registration FAQ.

Parking is $8 payable as you enter hotel parking area (subject to change by the hotel).

Registration is simple. Simply click the link and proceed.

If you have more that one person you're registering, have their name, direct phone number and email address available.

Having problems with registration? Have any questions? Call 858-682-9668. If we're on the phone with another attendee or otherwise temporarily unavailable, please leave a message. We'll get back to you ASAP.

Group discounts are available; register 10 attendees, pay for 9 and save $199. Payment must be made by the Early Bird date to keep the Early Bird pricing. Simply register the individuals without making payment and contact us as noted below to get the discount authorization to arrange payment. We are aware that payment is sometimes delayed through A/P or other company payment procedures and work with you ensure successful completion of the registration and payment process for the group.

Pay Offline

Mail a copy of your confirmation email and your check to:

Jim Colville, CPA, CFE
Accounting Day
11956 Bernardo Plaza Drive #229
San Diego, CA 92128

Make Checks Payable to: Accounting Day Association.

Mail without the suite number many times gets returned by the post office.

W-9, call us if a W-9 is needed.

Register & Pay Offline (Check or Credit Card)
After registering you will go to the payment page for credit card payment. If you choose
to pay later either by credit card or check, click that choice. If paying by check, simply
mail it. If paying later by credit card you will need to provide the number to us offline.
Once your registration is completed, you will not be able to revise it. If updates are needed simply email us from the Contact link in the menu.

Special and Unique Registration Situations

  • Group Registrations - Register 10, pay for 9, save $199
  • -To obtain the discount:
    •    -Call and obtain the discount authorization/code, then pay online
    •    -Call with your unique situation or question 858-682-9668
  • -You may register on-line, then pay by check.
  • Larger groups, call for special pricing