Accounting Day Rescheduled (again)

to October 25, 2021
(Next Year)

Encouragement from our Keynote Speaker

We had hoped that COVID-19 would be well behind us when moving the date to September 21, 2020 from May. It is now apparent (8/4/20) that this is not happening. Large events (“gatherings”) are still not allowed and the recent directive from Gov Newsom reinforces the ban.  Even with the ban fully lifted, it’s our feeling that there will be a lingering effect and many attendees will still be adverse about attending.

Due to this and many other factors we feel it best to put plenty of distance between COVID-19 and Accounting Day to protect the safety of everyone and reduce the fears surrounding live events.

Accounting Day is now scheduled for October 25, 2021. Note that this is next year, not this upcoming October 2020.

Of interest, we are not alone in this decision. In rescheduling we had hard time getting a date with the hotel as many other events are doing the same thing, pushing their events out to ensure the safety of all concerned. We are fortunate to get a date at all.

You may ask: I thought Accounting Day was in May?  This is true, however, accountants in companies, CPAs in companies and in firms, student (volunteers) final exam schedules and many other conflicts have caused attendance to decline. To help free us from this constraints we have been trying to move Accounting Day to the Fall for a few years, easier said than done.  COVID-19 helped to push by the barriers.

We are not totally turning our back on May.  We will review everything around year-end and consider doing a May event which would give us two Accounting Days in 2021.

Are live events a thing of the past? What is Accounting Day’s plan for the future?  It’s our opinion that live events will be viewed differently, especially in the next 1-3 years or so. However, they will not go away.  A huge factor in the success of Accounting Day that’s it’s both an education and networking event.  The positive networking stories are endless with many noted elsewhere on the website.

We have begun offering online education events and will be ramping up the curriculum.  We are partnering with Accounting Education Institute and other organizations to maximize idea and topic ideas as well as marketing ideas.

Of interest: for the October 25, 2021 Accounting Day we have secured additional space to help with social distancing in the sessions. Most all session seating will be in the larger rooms with classroom seating.

Stay safe and healthy. Please email [email protected] or call 858-682-9668 with any questions or concerns.

The Accounting Day Team


Our March 18, 2020 Message:

Accounting Day has been monitoring the coronavirus (COVID-19) and has made the decision to reschedule the May 11th event to to September 21, 2020. (This was previously reported at September 28, however the hotel forced us to the new data to accommodate a much larger (and profitable) event.) Due to the many uncertainties surrounding the pandemic we pushed the date out to September 21 to give plenty of distance between today’s pandemic as practical.  Because the hotel has many events that are being rescheduled, available dates are filling up fast.

We hope everyone is staying safe and healthy as we adjust to social distancing, which most likely includes working from home and other changes to our daily routines.

We recognize, first and foremost, that both individuals and their organizations need to take the appropriate steps to protect the safety and health of their families, their employees, and their communities.

Please take a moment to view the short encouragement video from our keynote speaker.

Thank you for trusting Accounting Day with your education and networking needs. We feel fortunate to have excellent speakers with timely and relevant topics each year and we thank you for participating in Accounting Day with your loyal attendance.

We will send emails and continually be updating this site with the most current information.  The agenda topics and speakers will also be kept current and updated with expected changes as they occur.

All fees paid, either by attendees or exhibitors, will be 100% refunded and we’ll restart the process again in about June.

Stay safe and healthy. Please email [email protected] or call 858-682-9668 with any questions or concerns.

Thank you,

The Accounting Day Team