This page allows you to see the full agenda on one page. Click the Agenda Link (in the Menu) or the Speakers Link for in-depth topic detail and speaker info. There may be Interest Area topics in other Interest Area Columns. Note that the 9:15 and 10:50 sessions are 80 minutes, all other sessions are 50 minutes. The Fraud topic at 1:45 also qualifies for Ethics (E) for most everyone except CPAs Back to Event Program Link-Listed by Hour (scroll down)


Time Interest Area: A&A Interest Area: T Interest Area: P Interest Area: A&A & T Interest Area: Fraud

Effective Use of AI & Machine Learning & the New Lease Standard
Steve Austin

The Smart Phone That Knows Too Much-A Year Later-You Can Only Imagine

Blair Baker

Maintaining Your Health and Personal Financial Finances)

Kimberly Buchanan/LeGrand

New Tax Law-Practical Consideration & Clarifications-Section 199A and QBI

Aaron Li

Detecting & Prevention of Fraud in Financial Statements (4 hours)
CLAConnect Team


Give Your Practice a New Lease on Life
Mark Dauberman

Current State of the Lending Environment
Stephen Friedman

CFO Panel (Career Choices)
Judy Thompson, Moderator

New Accounting Rules for Nonprofit Organizations (A&A)
Nancy Rix

Detecting & Prevention of Fraud in Financial Statements-Continuation

Is There a Gap in GAAP?
Mark Dauberman

Risk and Financial Decision Making

George Haloulakos

Thriving Through Disruption
Ingrid Edstrom

Nonprofit Accounting Part II – Statement of Functional Expenses – OCBOA Considerations-Tentative (A&A)
Nancy Rix

Track F is a 4 hour Fraud session in the morning meeting CPA CPE requirement and various Fraud Related topics in the afternoon

12:15-1:40 Lunch & Keynote – Multigenerational and Millennial Communication and Management – Jeff Butler

A&A Roundtable – Focusing On Your Specific Issues
Mark Dauberman

Understanding Business Valuations (T)
Sheryl Kessler

Consultations to Increase Your Practice Without Being Salesy
Loren Fogelman

Robotic Process Automation, Beyond the Hype (T)
Ellen Class

It’s All About Trust (F)(E)
Aaron Beam

2:40-3:05 Break – Vendor Drawing Grand Ballroom

Practical Approaches for Reducing the Cost of Financial Reporting and of Providing Financial Statement Services Performed by CPAs-Without Jeopardizing a Favorable Peer Review
Mark Dauberman and Mark Wille

Bottomline Threats & Ideas from an HR Expert Witness
Cláudia Schwartz

Confidence Building
Angie Swartz

Practical Project Management for Accountants and Auditors (T)
Ellen Class

High-Profile Fraud Cases in San Diego: The Road to Prosecution (T)
Rebecca Zipp


Ethics and Independence
Mark Dauberman

Bottomline Threats – Continuation from 3:10 to 4:30

California Privacy Laws-Are You Prepared? (T)

Justine Phillips

Project Management – 2nd Hour
Ellen Class

How to Recognize Embezzlement and Fraud & an Overview of the Minkow Case (T)

From the US Attorney’s Office


Ethics and Independence – 2nd Hour

Mark Dauberman

Third Party Vendor Security Risks, Precautions and Controls

Matt Stamper

Roundtable with Jeff Butler – Multigenerational and Millennial Communication and Management

Next Year and 2030: The World: AI, Robots and Cyberbots, Oh My! (T)

Blair Baker


AI in Detecting Fraud (T)


Time Interest Area: A&A Interest Area: T Interest Area: P Interest Area: A&A & T Interest Area: Fraud