About Accounting Day®

The purpose of Accounting Day is to promote the accounting and finance professions, to provide an opportunity for networking with peers from a cross-section of global organizations, and to provide quality continuing education.

Accounting Day® LIVE Events

Who Should Attend Accounting Day® LIVE?

Accounting Day® is designed for accounting, finance and other related professionals. You may meet entry level accountants, accounting managers, controllers, CFOs, CPAs and variations on these professions. You will meet accountants from the corporate world, as well as those in City, County, State and Federal Governments and CPAs. The sessions are quite diverse and are of interest to all.

In some cases, special mention is made about CPAs. This is not a CPA event but an event tailored to all accounting and finance professionals. While this event is not intended as a CPA event, it is an excellent opportunity for CPAs to obtain quality CPE at a great price. The CPA profession has very high standards for CPE. As such, we have designed the Tracks to follow the CPA profession. This ensures the hours benefit CPAs but we also found that these Tracks work well in assisting everyone in understanding the nature of the materials to be presented.

Participating Organizations

Accounting Day is planned and organized by a committee with representatives from these participating professional organizations:





Why Attend Accounting Day® LIVE San Diego?

The people, the speakers, the CPE, the networking, want more? You got it!

Grow Your Knowledge

Buckets of experience and mind-blowing technology.

Learn about the latest technologies, personal experience and tricks of the trade. You’ll hear about all this from our fantastic array of speakers, but you’ll also be amazed at how much you can learn from fellow attendees. Accounting Day draws a wide variety of financial professionals and students with an amazing diversity of education and experience.

Save Time

New technologies, tricks and tools.

We know technology is supposed to save time, but sometimes it feels like it does just the opposite. At Accounting Day you will hear from real people, using real technology, in the real world, to make their work more efficient and to save time. To add to that, the shear number of tracks available to you at Accounting Day, means you won’t be caught wasting your time sitting through a track you weren’t interested in. The only down side is you can’t be in two at the same time!

Ultimate Networking Event

Wide variety of financial professionals.

A great opportunity to network with financial professionals in parallel and vertical markets. With such an amazing variety of financial and accounting speakers and topics, Accounting Day draws a crowd from all areas of the financial world. For you that means more people that are already working with your next client or your next employer. By building a referral network with parallel and vertical markets you not only grow each others businesses, but you help your clients get the best service possible.

Networking is much more than your next client; it’s can be your next employer. You meet professionals in other companies and may be delveloping a relationship with your next employer. In addition to meeting people in other companies you also have the chance to meet representatives from several search firms who attend both as sponsors and as attendees. Where else can you meet all the prominate search firms all in one day?

Something For Everyone

Incredible variety of tracks, speakers & exhibitors.

Fraud, Accounting & Auditing, Going Green, Jobs & Careers, Government, Technology. Still want more? Because we haven’t even started with the exhibitors yet.

Highest Caliber Speakers

Top speakers, and lots of them.

In 40 years of accounting events we’ve grown an amazing base of dynamic speakers, but we are dedicated to giving you even more than that, so every year we set out to raise the bar even higher

Save Money

Get real answers.

Why invest in a technology just to find out it doesn’t work for you. Find out how real people are using real technology, in the real world.

Handout Materials

Beginning in 2009, Accounting Day® went green as to session handouts. Each speaker provides us with their handout material in advance and it’s posted to the speaker’s webpage and remains there for at least six years. This is your source for future reference, if needed.

Handouts materials are not provided on the day of the event. You will receive a Handout Booklet for note taking during the session. If you desire to follow along the with speaker’s on-screen presentation, you may download the presentation in advance of the session, print and bring with you to Accounting Day. Not all speakers provide us their presentations. Some speakers bring printed handouts, but this is not known in advance and there may not be enough handouts for the entire attendance of that session.

Remember, once the presentations are placed on the speaker/topic page, it remains there for at least six years.

About the Website & Technology

Technology and web advisory for the website and digital integrations are provided by Bisvi who offers on-demand CTO advisory services to small and medium business.

The event and website is powered by the Accounting Education Institute whose mission it is to power events, courses, and education surrounding accounting and finance with topics including Excel, A&A, Fraud, and more.