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Testimony of a Fraud Participant

Mr. Beam was a co-founder of Healthsouth and the company’s first CFO. From 1984 to 1996 he helped grow Healthsouth into a Fortune 500 company. However, in 1996 he took part in an accounting fraud at the company that resulted in one of the largest corporate frauds in the history of the United States. In 2003 he pled guilty to the crime and was sent to federal prison.

It’s All About Trust starts at 1:45


Fraud Related Topics

    • High-Profile Fraud Cases in San Diego: The Road to Prosecution
    • Recognizing Embezzlement and Fraud & an Overview of the Minkow Case
    • Artificial Intelligence in Detecting Fraud
      These topics are in the afternoon in Track F


Accounting and Auditing (A&A)

We have a solid track of A&A topics to give a full eight hours of CPE. Note that the topics are not the same old thing. The lease topic gets into the nuances of the new rules, the landmines and other practical considerations.
The track ends with two hours of ethics which is designed to apply to the 4-hour general ethics requirement for CPAs. It may also be applied to the A & A requirement. It most likely qualifies for the ethics requirement for most all other non-CPA attendees such as members of IMA, AFWA, IIA, ACFE.


Four Hour Fraud for CPAs

Responding to Fraud in the Workplace starts at 8:10
Presented by the CLAConnect Team
A premier fraud and forensic firm

Not just for CPAs, of interest to all
This session is designed to meet the CPA Fraud CPE requirement but also provides quality education for others, such as ACFE, IIA, AFWA, IMA


New Reporting Rules for NonProfit Organizations

The June 30, 2019 reporting period is coming up soon. This three hour session will bring you up to speed for the new rules that must be implemented with this reporting period.
The intended audience for this session is the NonProfit Organization who needs to obtain a full understanding of these changes and for CPAs who works with these organizations. 9:15 -12:10