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The first Accounting Day® was believed to be held in 1972. It's believed by some that the San Diego Chapter of the California Society of CPA's organized the event to interest young people in pursuing an accounting career. These early events were called "Accounting Career Days." In 1976, other professional organizations were invited to participate (see the Organizations link) and the event became known as simply "Accounting Day® " with an overall change in format. Today, speakers of local and national prominence present a wide variety of seminars to participants of the event.

The purpose of Accounting Day®is to promote the accounting profession, to provide an opportunity for networking among accountants in public practice, industry, and government, and to provide quality continuing education for attendees.

Accounting Day Web Pages and Flyers From Past Years:

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                       2015 Site                             2015

                       2014 Site                             2014

                       2013 Site                             2013
                       2012 Site                              2012
                       2011 Site                              2011
                       2010 Site                              2010
                       2009 Site                              2009
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