Accounting Day 2017 Program and Speakers

This page is the 2017 program.  The topics and speakers are confirmed with a C or tentative with a T. The timeslots may be revised. Note the addition of the CFO Track. This track is designed to increase caliber of the presentations and attract a new demographic of attendees.

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Start Time: Track A and F start at 8:10. The Tracks T, P and Tech start at 9:15. If you don't have an interest in Track A or F then you want to arrive around 8:30 or 9:00. You'll have time to register, visit the exhibitors and be on time for the 9:15 session.

Keynote: The keynote speaker is during the lunch hour.

To read or download the speaker's presentation, simply click on the desired topic and then scroll down. Most all speakers participated in making their presentation available.

Past year websites and the programs are on the Info > History Link then click the Program Link in the selected year.


TimeTrack ATrack TTrack PTrack CFOTrack F

The New World Order Steve Austin


Revenue Recognition Hogi Kurniawan

Technology Update (T) Cliff Kaiser (C)

CFO Panel Judy Thompson, Moderator

12:15-1:40Lunch and Keynote
Chasing Relevance: 6 Steps to Understand and Engage and Maximize Next Generation/Millennial Leaders in the Workplace Dan Negroni, Founder, CEO, launchbox

Unclaimed Property - The Basics and Beyond from the Auditor's Eye Francine Pratt-California Controllers/Unclaimed Property Office

Why Meaningful Feedback is so Important (T) Helen Adams and Gwen Rosenberg

2:40-3:05Break - Vendor Drawing