About Accounting Day® – Our Mission

The purpose of Accounting Day is to promote the accounting and finance professions, to provide an opportunity for networking with peers from a cross-section of global organizations, and to provide quality continuing education.

What is Accounting Day® LIVE?

As noted above, Accounting Day is an educational and networking event. The event is LIVE….. LIVE speakers in which you can interact. LIVE people…attendees.  You will meet other attendees or maybe reconnect with a colleague from the past.  This is what makes Accounting Day successful.

Who Should Attend Accounting Day® LIVE?

Accounting Day® is designed for accounting, finance and other related professionals. You may meet entry level accountants, accounting managers, controllers, CFOs, CPAs and variations on these professions. You will meet accountants from the corporate world, as well as those in City, County, State and Federal Governments and CPAs. The sessions are quite diverse and are of interest to all.

In some cases, special mention is made about CPAs. This is not a CPA event but an event tailored to all accounting and finance professionals. While this event is not intended as a CPA event, it is an excellent opportunity for CPAs to obtain quality CPE at a great price. The CPA profession has very high standards for CPE. As such, we have designed the Tracks to follow the CPA profession. This ensures the hours benefit CPAs but we also found that these Tracks work well in assisting everyone in understanding the nature of the materials to be presented.